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We provide the following types of photography. If you don't see a type of photography you need or are interested in listed, please ask! Click a link to read more about each type listed.

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Award Photography

In the newspaper business, we call these "grip and grin" shots. People come up and obtain their certificates and a handshake, make their speech and then sit down. It's important for a photographer to capture the moment because it's not going to happen again! Charles has taken thousands of these types of shots and can take them either for a group or an individual. He can also take photographs of the before and after, including when you celebrate your achievement with family, friends, or coworkers.

Evidence and Crime Scene Photography

As a former evidence technician (often referred to as CSI) for law enforcement , Charles recognizes the value of proper photography of crime scenes and the items found within. Well focused photographs showing details of the item(s), and the location of the item(s) relative to the crime scene are critical as are proper photographic chain of custody and packaging considerations.

If the proper equipment is provided, evidentiary photos including dusted fingerprint shots can be provided, if needed.

Charles has no compunction with regards to being able to function in an environment where the photography of deceased or injured individuals is concerned, even if the injuries are extensive (example photographs of these kinds of subjects are not appropriate for a public website). His background in law enforcement and photojournalism have put him in all types of situations where he has witnessed such injuries (and death) and has proven his ability to work efficiently with maturity and discretion during those types of incidents.

Fire and Police Photography

One of the genres Charles is best at and enjoys the most is photographing fires and the men and women fighting to get them under control. At fire scenes he is exceedingly aware of his surroundings and the inherent dangers posed by entering these environments. He has the PPE (personal protection equipment) to protect himself while capturing fire images in a safe and sane manner and owns his own Nomex fire gear, helmet, boots, goggles, fire gloves, radio harness, rappelling harness, fire shelter and possibles bag. Charles works well independently and keeps his head on a swivel closely watching for dangers in and beyond the fire such as downed power lines and other ground & aerial hazards. He is also cognizant of and has studied different types of fire behavior in order to anticipate and avoid problems even in challenging photographic situations.

Many of the subjects he's photographed in these situations have complimented his work and consider his images a highly prized memento/reminder of their careers.

Another thing Charles excels at photographing are law enforcement situations whether it's capturing a S.W.A.T. team in action or getting shots of a suspect being taken into custody. His own background in law enforcement enables him to better understand a scene as it's occurring and he also knows how to properly comport himself so that potential evidence isn't destroyed or the working officers aren't impeded in any way. Charles is often given access to crime scenes and other similar situations, where other photographers are not welcome and/or afraid to tread.

Photographs in this genre are great for training, evidence, or a coveted career shot to hang on the wall.

Independent News & Publication Photography

Charles has had his work, both written and photographic, published in a variety of newspapers and other publications and venues some of which include:

  • Atwater Signal
  • Avedis Chamber Music Publication
  • Chowchilla News
  • City of Los Banos / Allied Waste Customer Guide
  • Civilian Marksmanship Website
  • Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Website
  • Dutra's The Paper
  • Fresno Bee
  • Guest Hollow Educational Website
  • Jardine's Custom Website
  • Life in Los Banos Magazine
  • Livingston Chronicle
  • Los Banos Chamber of Commerce Pamphlet
  • Los Banos Chamber of Commerce Henry Miller Wild West Weekend Website
  • Los Banos Chamber of Commerce Website
  • Los Banos Enterprise
  • Los Banos Tomato Festival Website
  • Merced Sun-Star
  • Modesto Bee
  • Monterey Herald
  • NASA IT Talk Magazine
  • Otter's Christian High School Biology Textbook
  • Popular Communications Magazine
  • The Pipeline
  • The Rotary Times
  • ...and many other websites created for various customers

To see a list of well in excess of 700 news stories that have been illustrated with his photos since 2008 click here.

Charles knows how to get the shots to illustrate a variety of stories from accidents to crimes to events and everything in between. He is also willing to travel for specific news related stories and/or photographs for your publication.

However, Charles will decline prospective assignments if he believes they will compete with or have a conflict of interest with regard to any of his current employers or other interests. This is a case-by-case call, so please don't hesitate to ask.

Insurance Related Photography

Similar to crime scene photography, insurance claim photography requires an eye for detail and an honest approach to capturing "what is". Absolute integrity on the part of the photographer is a MUST. From spilled loads to dented fenders to trashed houses to personal injuries, our team is able to illustrate the damage or lack of damage claimed by people seeking to recover money from their insurance companies. We have a track record of totally honesty and objectivity. Charles is also willing to to take surreptitious or surveillance shots when discretion is required for an insurance inquiry and/ or investigation.

Product Shots

Charles has the experience and equipment necessary to take product shots of a variety of items. In the past he's photographed things such as computerized gaming systems and items like joy sticks, game pads and other accessories. He's also taken detailed photographs of items for how-to and nomenclature manuals as well as food product shots and firearms photography. Charles has the patience and persistence to make sure your item is well represented photographically.

Real Estate Photography

Our team is available to photograph houses and property for real estate purposes. We can take multiple photographs of structures, rooms and more to showcase a house or property for sale. Don't settle for phone camera pictures to illustrate the home you want to sell. Sometimes the right picture really is worth a thousand words and can make the difference between catching a buyer's eye or having a property sit ignored because the photography is substandard or amateurish! If you want your property properly showcased, Charles excels in portraying your home in a well thought out and thorough manner.

Training and Instructional Photography

Whether you need static photographs, manuals or someone to photograph real world training exercises, Charles has the experience to get the right shots for your instructional purposes. In the past he's worked on how-to manuals that illustrate step-by-step procedures and has also photographed parts for nomenclature and identification type manuals.

He also has a great deal of experience photographing personnel during training exercises. Photographs he takes during training can be used to either illustrate how to accomplish tasks or show errors that were made for post-event briefings and evaluations. Charles's own experiences in law enforcement as well as being a member of a disaster and rescue assistance team give him the knowledge to successfully capture and illustrate all types of exercises for a variety of purposes.


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