February 8, 1913
Mariposa Gazette



       To the voters of District No. 5.

       A special election will be held in this District on February 11, 1913, to determine the question as to whether the sale of liquors shall be absolutely prohibited in this district.

       The district includes the Wawona and El Portal hotels, and if the district is made dry territory at this election the effect will be that neither of those hotels will be able to serve liquor of any kind to its guests.

       The Yosemite Valley is one of the world’s greatest attractions, and is visited by people from all parts of the world, particularly from France, Germany and England. There will be many thousands here before and during the Panama Exposition.

       These people are accustomed to wine and beer with their meals, the same as we are accustomed to coffee for breakfast. If they learn that they cannot be served with these liquors at the Yosemite hotels, many of them will not go there at all, but will go to Lake Tahoe and other resorts, thus causing the interests of the entire county, and particularly of those employed in or dependent upon the tourist trade, to suffer.

       We make no defense for the saloon, and believe this movement was instituted to eliminate the saloons, without due consideration of the effect on the tourist travel. The act under which this election is to be held does not interfere with the powers of the Supervisors to regulate saloons. If the elimination of the saloon is desire, it can be done by the Board of Supervisors, by high license, denial of license, ordinance forbidding the sale of liquors except with meals by hotels, or in other ways. This we think would reach the desired result without materially affecting the prosperity of Mariposa county and its citizens.

       We trust that before casting your vote you will give the matter careful consideration, and cast your ballot against absolute prohibition.

By John S. Washburn.
By Thomas Turner.
By Wm. Sell, Jr.