April 18, 1911
Merced Evening Sun
Nature Pours her Priceless Treasures
Into the Laps of Visitors to Charming El Portal

        The Hotel Del Portal has just issued a handsome 16-page folder, descriptive of that famous resort. The folder is beautifully printed on white coated paper and is done in greens and black. Photo half-tone in greenish tints tell of "The canyon of the merry, mild Merced, where wild trout haunt the riffles," the "Hotel Del Portal - the lodge of the white man," scenes from the hotel where "Beyond the wide porch lies the wilderness beautiful, beckoning the visitor to step straight into Nature's Parlors," and "Within is comfort, planned to conform with the surroundings of the out-of-doors." Other pictures tell of the "Pleasant drives by river, mountain and forest," past "Splintered cliff and foaming torrent" into "Canyon walls" and by "Tumbling cataracts." Then, too, "Close to the hotel are pools where the fish rise, and trails trodden by the timid deer." The folder also tells you that "There are big rainbows everywhere" and that the "Walks lead to pleasant sun-warmed nooks."

      It's all very poetic and romantic, but not overdrawn, for pleasant Del Portal stands in the Merced river canyon at the gate to wonderful Yosemite, and neither the pen of man nor his brush can began to paint the beauties of the surroundings. Nowhere in the is there to be found a more restful scene than that to be viewed from the wide verandas of the great hotel in the mountains at the entrance to the wonderland.

      The folder says that "Deep in the heart of nearly all of us is a primal impulse to get away from the town and close to Nature every little while. Boy or girl, young man and maiden, elder folk in the whirl and bustle of Life's demands, the older who are looking for quiet havens - all instinctively love the places that are called wild, though in their very wildness lies their charm, their soothing anodyne that heals, refreshes and invigorates as we get closer to the ways of our forefathers.

      "Yet with the longing for the wild goes with the modern man or woman also a desire for comfort and the assurance that the accustomed ways of everyday life are not far away. A day by the river whipping the ripples and casting over the pools, a long tramp or ride by woodland trails in the perpetual twilight of the forest; all ending with a delicious languor and desire for the dreamless sleep that follows, are made more pleasant by the thought of a bath, an appetizing dinner, a chat, perhaps, about a leaping fire and then the gracious welcome of a well made bed. To the many what charm there may be in actual camp life leis the scenery and the natural charm and not all in the daily distractions of camp housekeeping.

      "For such a majority was the Del Portal planned and built. Nature smiles in through the windows, breathes through the open doors, waiting smilingly to take you into her confidence and tell you, in the murmur of the river, in the rustling of the trees, a thousand secrets that will make you better satisfied with life.

      "There is no suggestion of "roughing it" at Del Portal. The outside world is at your beck by telephone, by swift train. Within the hotel all comforts were provided for, and were it not for certain conformity of design with the surroundings and for the cool sweetness of the air that comes in from the mountains after dark, you can dismiss all thought that outside is the wild where the wondering eyes and ears of the forest dwellers are held by the radiance of the electrics or some strain of music stealing softly out into the night."

      Reads like a dream doesn't it? But sweet Del Portal offers it all, and more.