Yosemite Transportation Company

Yo Semite Stage
Carriage Co.


This Company runs it coaches from Merced, on the line of the S. P. R. R. and S. J. V. R. R. via Snelling, Merced Falls, Coulterville, Bower Cave, and the Merced Grove of Big Trees to Yo Semite. It is also a delightful drive by private team; and private parties can vary their route by returning via Wawona, the Mariposa Grove of Big Trees, and Mariposa, back to Merced, making it one of the most en joyable of trips.

Itinerary. Take carriage at El Capitan Hotel, Merced, at 6 A.M. for Coulterville, forty-six miles distant, arriving at 3 P. M. of same day. Spend the afternoon viewing the gold mines at Coulterville. Next morning at six start to Yo Semite. Long lines of heavy tim bered ridges, intersecting each other like waves of the sea, stretch to the horizon on every hand. There is one very noticeable feature in the scenery of the Sierras, it never grows monotonous or common place, as new views open up at every turn in the road

Lunch at Hazel Green, thence on through Merced Grove of Big Trees. From Buena Vista Gap, four miles easterly from the Merced Grove, at an altitude of 5100 feet, the first glimpse of Yo Semite is ob tained. Through Big Meadows we begin our descent and soon reach Cascade Fall, in the lower end of the Valley. The road from here to the hotels is constructed on the margin of the cliff-walled and boulder- strewn canyon of the Merced River and is one of the most attractive drives of the Valley.

This route to the Yo Semite is the shortest, easiest and cheapest of all.


Before choosing your route investigate the advantages of the MERCED AND COULTERVILLE, as the rates are lower than those of any other road to the Valley.

Tickets can be secured and seats reserved of

Page from a late 1890s travel booklet.

       At seven thirty next morning a large, roomy, four horse stage of the Yosemite Transportation Company starts for Sentinel Hotel, three and a half hours ride.
       Mr. D. K. Stoddard. proprietor, has the finest line of stages in the West, and his long experience is assurance of safe drivers, good horses, and comfortable seats. Every minute of this ride is full of interest.

Excerpt from a Santa Fe Railway
1908 Yosemite brochure.