March 4, 1914

Government Grants Three-Year Concession for Yosemite Transportation

              The Yosemite Transportation company has just received notification from the department of the interior that it has been granted for a period of three years the automobile transportation concession over the El Portal road into Yosemite Valley, according to an announcement made by O. W. Lehmer, vice president of the company, in this city today. Commencing this season, automobiles will be used for transporting passengers from the Yosemite Valley railroad terminus to Yosemite exclusively and the horse-drawn stages will be taken off. A dozen automobiles are now being built to order for this service and they will be ready to go on the run April 1. The passenger stages will be of the White and Pierce Arrow make, while the freight trucks will be Packards. These machines were selected following the try-outs on the run several weeks ago. The passenger cars will carry from 10 to 22 passengers and the freighters will be three-ton trucks. The stages will be so constructed as to be comfortable and easy riding, as well as attractive, well equipped and modern in every respect.
              The Yosemite Valley trip will be greatly improved by the replacing of the old fashioned stages by up-to-date automobiles and an important feature in the change will be the cutting of time between El Portal and Yosemite. The horse stages required from three and a half to four hours for the going trip and two hours and a half for the return trip. The automobiles will make the trip both ways in an hour and a half and will be able to make three round trips daily if necessary.