of the

XXXXXXKNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That we, the undersigned, a majority of whom are citizens and residents of the State of California, have this day voluntarily associated ourselves together for the purpose of forming a CORPORATION under the laws of the State of California. AND WE HEREBY CERTIFY,

XXXXXXFirst, That the name of said Corporation shall be the


XXXXXXSecond, That the purpose for which it is formed, are; To purchase, construct, maintain, operate and conduct stage and transportation lines in the State of California, to be operated by horse, steam, electricity or any other motive pow er for the carrying of passengers, mail, freight and express thereon and thereover for hire, with all the necessary equip ment for the same; also, to conduct, purchase, own and main tain public or private telephone lines and to operate the same and the business thereof; and to lease said telephone lines to other persons or individuals, or to contract with other per sons or individuals, for the construction, operation and main tainance thereof, and to buy, build, maintain, operate, run and con duct all kinds of conveyances and stock for transportation of passengers, mail, express and freight, and to carry on a general express and freight business in connection with the operation of said stage and transportation lines and have and exercise such other powers as any stage and transportation company may be allowed by law to exercise at present or in the future; with full power to issue its stock in accordance with its by-laws and the laws of the State of California; and to borrow money and issue bonds upon its property; and, in con- nection with said stage and transportation company, to acquire, own and operate electric plants for the generation of electri city for power and light or either with full power to use, sell and distribute the same, and to purchase or build power houses, buildings, dams, flumes, pipes and wires for said purposes; and acquire by gift, purchase or appropriation, water and water rights and to construct or buy dams, canals and reservoirs, and use sell and distribute water and water rights, and to buy or otherwise acquire all real estate necessary and proper for the exercise of the powers of said corporation; ad, to purchase, construct, own or lease and operate warehouses, sawmills, hotels, stores, eating houses, station buildings, engine houses, machine and engine shops as may be deemed necessary for the carrying on of the business of said company and the business of a common car rier; and to obtain and receive gifts of real and personal property, subscriptions towards the equipment of its bus iness and to purchase, construct, own, maintain and operate, in conjunction with said stage and transportation lines such branch and side lines between said main lines and such points as the Board of Directors of said company may from time to time determine to be necessary for the business of said stage and transportation company.

XXXXXXThird. That the place where principal business of said Corporation is to be transacted is, City of Merced, Merced County, State of California.

XXXXXXFourth. That the term for which said Corporation is to exist is fifty years, from and after the date of its Incorpor ation.

XXXXXXFifth. That the number of Directors or Trustees of said Corporation shall be five and that the names and residences of Directors or Trustees, who are appointed for the first year, and to serve until the election and qualification of such officers, are as follow, to wit:

D. K. StoddardMerced,Merced County, California.
E. M. StoddardMerced,Merced County, California.
John H. SimonsonMerced,Merced County, California.
E. J. McKainMerced,Merced County, California.
W. H. TurnerMerced,Merced County, California.

XXXXXXSixth. That the amount of the Capital Stock of said Cor poration is Twenty five thousand Dollars, and the number of shares into which it is divided is Twenty five hundred of par value of Ten Dollars, each.

XXXXXXSeventh. That the amount of said Capital Stock which has been actually subscribed is Four Thousand Three Hundred Dollars, and the following are the names of the persons by whom the same has been subscribed, to wit:

D. K. Stoddard150 shares$ 1500.00
E. M. Stoddard150 shares$1500.00
John H. Simonson75 shares$750.00
E. J. McKain50 shares$500.00
W. H. Turner5 shares$50.00
XXXXXXIN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 22nd day of November A. D. 1901


D. K. Stoddard
E. M. Stoddard
Jno. H. Simonson
E. J. McKain
W. H. Turner

State of California
County of Merced

XXXXXX On this 22 day of Novemebr in the year A. D., Nineteen hundred and one, before me, J. W. Knox, a Notary Public in and for the County of Merced, State of California, duly com- missioned and sworn, personally appeared D. K. Stoddard, E. M. Stoddard, John H. Simonson, E. J. McKain, and W. H. Turner known to me to be the persons whose names are subscribed to and who executed the same.

XXXXXXIN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Official Seal, the day and year last above written.

J. W. Knox
Notary Public in and for the County of Merced,
State of California. State of California
County of Merced

XXXXXXI, W. B. Croop County Clerk of the County of Merced, State of California, do hereby certify the within to be a full, true and correct copy of the Articles of Incorporation of the YOSEMITE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY as remains on file in this office,

XXXXXXIN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Official Seal, this 27th day of November, A. D. 1901.

W. B. Croop