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"A Premium Pine"

'Way up in the high Sierra grows the magnificent Sugar Pine of which John Muir, the famous naturalist, wrote:

"Noble as are its associates, the Sugar Pine is easily King and spreads its arms above them in blessing while they rock and wave in sign of recognition."

Almost "out of the clouds," comes Yosemite Sugar Pine -- the King of Pines -- with that altitude-grown soft, smooth, close grained texture so prized by pattern makers, cabinet makers, frame and millwork manufactures -- wood craftsmen of all kinds.

Here indeed is lumber fashioned by nature to give a life-time of service and more -- un affected in appreciable degree by even sharp atmospheric moisture changes.

Yosemite Sugar Pine Lumber Company invites your acquaintance with its stocks now available for prompt shipping -- a Premium Pine -- Selects, Factory Lumber, Pattern Lumber and Yard Stocks.

Yosemite Sugar Pine
Lumber Company
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