Yosemite Sugar Pine Lumber Company
Working and Living - Crocker Ridge Area and Camp 17
( All of the photographs on this page were contributed by Mr. Loren Lacy,
a grandson of an employee of the Yosemite Sugar Pine Lumber Company.

Steam Power - camp 17
Steam Powered Engine.

Resting near the rails
Employees taking a restbit near railroad.
Note the "Spar Tree" behind the Shay locomotive.

1937 Train Loaded  - camp 17
Train of YVRR cars loaded with huge logs ready to head for Incline

Loading YVRR cars
Hoisting Logs on to YVRR cars.
Note: By this time trucks were part of logging - the log bunks of a truck at left.

Emmit Lacy standing on stump
Mr. Emmit Lacy
standing on the stump of the tree he has just fallen.
Note the tools of a faller also on the stump.

Living quaters at Camp 17
Living quarters for the employees at Camp 17

Emmit Lacy on the steps of his residence at Camp 17
Mr. Emmit Lacy, grandfather of contributor,
standing on the stemps of his residence at Camp 17.

A day of leisure at Camp 17
Appears to be a day of leisure at Camp 17,
quit an assortment of 1930 automobiles

Note: Crocker Ridge is one of the main ridges that run north to south
towards the Merced river Canyon and Camp 17 was located at a
place now called "Five Corners" today on Crocker Ridge.