August 11, 1928
Merced Sun-Star

Merced Canyon Fires Battled By Hundreds As Timber Is Periled

      Momentarily checked by the full fire fighting strength of three large companies flung across the mouth of Moss canyon, fire which has burned near El Portal for several days today threatened to break from the Merced river canyon and eat into the timber holdings of the Yosemite Lumber company.. Around a nucleus of 100 men rushed from the lumber company's Merced Falls plant, scores of recruits joined groups from the San Joaquin Light & Power corporation and the Yosemite Valley railroad, in desperate attempt to keep the fire from the valuable timber.

      No wind is reported, and word from Merced Falls office of the lumber company today indicated that the fight at Moss canyon might be won.

Falls Deserted
XXXXX Merced Falls is deserted today. Every available man was taken to the scene of the fire early this morning following reports that the blaze, which had been kept in the grass and brush of the canyon, might any moment spread through Moss canyon and wipe out the valuable timber stand.

      Another blaze, at Kittridge, three miles from Bagby, is being guarded today by men from the Yosemite Valley railroad, the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph company and the San Joaquin Light & Power corporation. Perils Bagby

      This fire Star
ted at Hunters Valley and is eating through the brush in the direction of Bagby, but across the river from town. Both power and telephone lines are threatened by the blaze.

December 22, 1928
Merced Sun-Star

Payroll of $150,000 A Month Estimated For County Industry
1000 Men to Be Employed In Plant Closed Last Year.

      Operation of the lumber mill at Merced Falls, ownership of which was recently transferred from the Yosemite Lumber company to the Sugar Pine Lumber company, will be resumed next spring following an idleness of over a year. This announcement was made today by W. L. White, general manager of the Yosemite Valley railroad.

      It is estimated that the payroll at the Merced Falls mill will amount to about $150,000 a month when the organization gets in full swing. Approximately 1000 men will be employed at the mill in addition to the crew in the logging woods above Incline.

      The option to purchase the Yosemite Lumber company holdings was exercised by the Sugar Pine Lumber company Thursday, at which time the new owners made known their intention of reopening operations at the logging woods above Incline and the mill at Merced Falls. Crew to Incline

      Shortly after Christmas, according to Mr. White, the lumber people will send a crew of men to Incline for the purpose of restoring the logging woods plant which was destroyed by a forest fire last fall.

      The machine shop, camp equipment, and that part of the incline track consumed by the fire will be immediately rebuilt so that the logs may begin to move down to the Merced Falls mill when spring weather, probably in April, will permit the resumption of operations. $6,000,000 Deal

      The sale of the Yosemite Lumber company property, including the mill at Merced Falls and about twenty million feet of lumber up in the Hazel Green area of the mountains is said to involve a consideration of $6,000,000. The new owner, the Sugar Pine Lumber company, should not be confused with the Madera Sugar Pine company. They are entirely distinct and independent organizations.

      The Sugar Pine Lumber company has its base of operations at the mill in Pinedale, nine miles east of Fresno.

      W. A. Cannon is general manager with headquarters at Fresno. It is said to be the largest pine lumber concern in the United States. The mill at Pinedale is served by the Minaretts and Western railroad operating from the logging woods in the Bass Lake region.