June 16, 1930
Merced Sun-Star


XXXXX A 400-mile "motorlogue" between San Jose and Yosemite, including an 86-mile run over the Yosemite Valley railroad lines between Merced and El Portal, in a flange-wheeled automobile, was the unique experience of a group of four San Jose excursionists recently.

XXXXX An account of the trip, citing Merced as the gateway to "a country wonderfully scenic and picturesque and overwhelming in majesty and grandeur," is given in a series of three article by Amanda M. Miller in the San Jose Mercury-Herald. The scenic beauty of Merced canyon, often dimmed by the incomparable wonder of the world famed Yosemite valley, is emphasized. In addition to the newspaper group, the party included Jack Silvey, manager of the San Jose chamber of commerce.

At Emory we "side-tracked" to inspect the lime rock quarries of the Yosemite Portland Cement plant and have luncheon with the superintendent, W. M. Jastram.

XXXXX Clinging to the side of the dusty dumpears that had just discharged its load of crushed rock in the bin above the railroad track, we were drawn up a 72 per cent incline to the mill, perched high on the mountain side. On another train we were carried to the quarry where two massive steam shovels bit great chunks of rock from the hillside with almost human precision, load the mass into the cars. Back again at the mill we saw the big rocks dumped into a hopper, ground into pebbles, and loaded into the cars ready for the incline. Then, stepping on the narrow runway, we were lowered to the railroad level - and on our way to El Portal, where our Dodge autologue car, sent over the highway, awaited us.