January 5, 1924
Merced Morning Star


XXXXX Work is progressing rapidly at the plant of the Yosemite Portland Cement company north of town and Engineer Steinmetz, in charge, stated yesterday that there is no doubt that everything will be in readiness for the starting of work of production early in the spring.

XXXXX A good sized force is at work in the drafting department of the temporary office building, laying out the blue prints for the plant here and at the Jenkins Hill quarry. The plans for the big crusher and loading chutes at Jenkins Hill show a big plant which will crush and start to the plant here twelve carloads of material daily.

XXXXX The two railroad lines of the Yosemite Valley railroad in the yards of the plant are complete, the one to bring in the raw material requiring a fill of considerable depth. The hoist to lift the material to the plant is now being built and a large number of men are employed in putting down the foundations for the heavy machinery, some of them being twenty feet in the ground. Machinery is arriving every day and more is on the way. It will be placed as rapidly as the foundations are completed and the building constructed around and over it, as it would be impossible to install it after the buildings are constructed.

XXXXX Col. Leigh Hunt, the designer and builder, who has been in the east getting out the machinery, will arrive here in a week or two. He has selected the very latest in cement making machinery and writes that this will be the most up-to-date cement plant in the United States.