August 11, 1923
Merced Express


XXXXX C. S. Woody of San Francisco, vice-president and treasure of the Yosemite Portland Cement Company, on Wednesday announced the purchase of a portion of the Jeff Fruit ranch one mile north of this city as the site for the company's proposed new cement plant, which when completed will represent an investment of $1,500,00. The consideration is said to have been $17,500 for the 145 acres of the Fruit property, Mr. and Mrs Fruit retaining about seventy acres of that portion of the ranch on which their residence is located.

XXXXX The plant site lies at the junction of the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Yosemite Valley Railroad and one mile from the Santa Fe Railroad. The three railroads will immediately construct branch lines to the site.

XXXXX The location of the plant was regarded as exceedingly fortunate by Mr. Woody, who declared that because of the direct connection with the railroads, all truck hauling could be dispensed with. The new cement plant also will be the only one on the Santa Fe Railroad north of the Tehachapi.

XXXXX The Yosemite Valley Railroad runs directly through the limestone deposits at Jenkins hill, which the company will utilize so that not even a branch track will be required there. Necessary switching tracks already have been constructed.

XXXXX Another site advantage cited by Mr. Woody is that the high tension lines of The San Joaquin Light & Power Corporation run directly over the quarry as well as the Merced plant location.

XXXXX While the company had options on several possible sites near Merced, final action in the selection of the site was delayed until the arrival of Leigh Hunt of Kansas City, one of the nation's authorities on cement manufacture, who will personally direct the construction of the plant and will operate the mill during the first month after completion.

XXXXX Shipments of the heavy machinery will start from the East in the near future and three kilms will require a train to bring them West, as they weigh 500,000 pounds each.