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Both Charles and Jenn have a variety of experience when it comes to writing. As a team we have the skill and background necessary to help you with your writing and editing needs. Some of the writing services we offer are:

  • Article writing
  • Book & Product Reviews
  • Critique and feedback on your writing, website, blog, etc.
  • Curriculum & lesson related writing
  • Editing services
  • How-to guides
  • Journalism
  • Poetry (cards, etc.)
  • Product guides
  • Stories
  • Website content


Charles is a photojournalist for the McClatchy Publishing Company and has written a plethora of articles over the years for different publications. Click here to see a list of over 700 different articles he's penned.

He has created how-to guides including one for the Civilian Marksmanship Program, written emergency procedure manuals and operational manuals for various computer systems.

Charles also helped edit and given feedback on a book during its pre-publication phase. He helped advise plot enhancements, plot changes and otherwise contributed significantly during the title's development.

He's also written reviews of games and gaming hardware during his time as Operations Director of an online community network of 35 individually owned and operated affiliate web sites and 12 staff members. 

Charles often provides a great deal of the website text for our web design clients.


When Jenn was a little girl, one of the things she wanted to be when she grew up was a writer. She spent hours filling up notebooks full of scribbles and stories. However, as a full-time mom and home-educator, she had to put a lot of her dreams in this area on hold. She still managed to keep her skills sharp with a variety of smaller writing projects, though!

Jenn is a published curriculum writer. She was hired by a curriculum company to create a cultures & geography curriculum for elementary age students. She has also edited and written material for a Christian biology textbook.

She's written hundreds of reviews for books and products.

Jenn has also acted as editor for a variety of published materials. As a language arts teacher, she is pretty adept at correcting grammar, punctuation and stylistic errors in other's work, and has done so for professional articles.

Jenn has also created stories, poems and lesson materials for the educational field. Her style of writing is approachable and informational. She has a talent for taking difficult subjects and teaching them using a creative combination of graphics and text. Teaching is one of her absolute passions and this shines through any writing she's done for the purposes of educating.


Both Jenn and Charles often work as a team when it comes to writing offer a variety of writing and editing services. Contact us to discuss your writing related needs!


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