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"Secret Shopper" & Review services

Our team has a background and experience that makes us excellent candidates for secret shopper services and "discreet" reviews of restaurants, travel venues, hotels, businesses, customer service evaluations and other types of similar services. Together we have traveled extensively and experienced a multitude of businesses and restaurants from simple mom & pop establishments to extremely high-end locations. We are willing to travel for the purpose of these reviews.

We offer report services for the above and similar types of establishments, which can include discreet photographs for appropriate locales. Staff and property are evaluated in detail and total, objective honesty. Charles's background as an evidence technician (CSI) helps him to notice things others would overlook! Our history working in the past with restaurants and retail also give us the ability to properly evaluate staff realistically.

Types of things we can give detailed reports on include:

  • Condition of furnishings and decor
  • Customer service
  • Facility cleanliness & repair
  • Food quality and presentation
  • Other pre-agreed upon items our clients are interested in investigating

Contact us for review and evaluation requests or if you have any questions or would like to discuss our qualifications for this type of job.

Restaurant Review Examples

Below are a few of the restaurant reviews we wrote for the community website: These reviews were written in a personable, informal style with the intent of thoroughly discussing our experience and were a well received and favorite portion of the website. Community members often approached us every time a new restaurant opened up in town, hoping we would write up a review!

The following text is an excerpt from

Behind The Scenes - 
How Los Banos Restaurant Reviews Are Conducted:

When the staff of Our LosBanos .com reviews a restaurant we do so in the way that we feel is the most likely to produce the most honest and correct review possible. We do our best to experience the restaurant we are reviewing in the same way as any other customer would. We want the food and service we obtain to mirror the experience of any other regular customer.

To that end we believe the key to a good honest review is total anonymity. We do NOT EVER disclose to a restaurant that they are being reviewed until the review is about to be published here. We endeavor refrain from doing anything that would 'tip our hand' that we are doing a review. We do not take notes or photographs at `the time of the review and we try our best to look like and behave like any other 'normal' customer.

As of yet (to the best of our knowledge) we have never 'blown our cover' and been 'caught in the act of reviewing' by anyone at any LosBanos restaurant. However, should we ever blow our cover we would simply terminate the review, finish our meal, insist on paying full price, and not review the restaurant until a later date on a subsequent anonymous visit.

Again, we NEVER EVER tell any person that the restaurant is being reviewed.

Here are some other things that characterize our review process:

  • We always pay full price for our meals.
  • We tip according to the level of service.
  • We never leave cards or other identifying information at the time of the review.
  • We neither want nor would we accept any special attention, discounts, freebies, or ANY other special consideration when doing our reviews.
  • We never ask for, nor hint, nor expect, anything of any kind even AFTER a review.

The restaurant's first indication that they have been reviewed comes when the review is published here.

Sample Reviews:

Chemas Restaurant Review - This restaurant closed down even before we finished creating We weren't surprised. Our review reflects the fact that we didn't have a good experience.

Grapevine Restaurant Review - Sadly, this restaurant didn't stick around very long despite the good food and service.

M&M's Italian Restaurant Review - We reviewed M&M Italian Restaurant when they very first opened in 2007. We became return customers over and over for the great food and terrific service. Eventually we created a website & Facebook page for them and became friends! Of course, when we first reviewed them we had no idea of our future association!



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