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Custom ArtWork and Illustration

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We have the ability to create a variety of artwork and illustration. Artwork is usually created via a variety of professional level digital programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter and SketchBook Pro using a digital drawing tablet. Digital artwork is available in Giclee format and projects can be printed onto either paper or canvas. We prefer to use the local Frame Shop owned by Leslie and Mike Villalta for digital printing projects due to their high-quality work & excellent customer service, but files can be sent to any other print business.

Hand-drawn or painted artwork is also available for smaller scale projects like personal cards or small framed art for a child's room and other similar type designs. Creations made with professional Prismacolor markers, Prismacolor colored pencils, crayons, acrylics, & pen and ink are Jenn's preferred tools to work with for non-digital art.

Below is a small sample of our work. If you'd like to commission an art project, please contact us! We take commissions on a case-by-case basis to make sure we are the best match for you and your project.

Custom map

Custom created map commissioned by Mr. Whitehurst and used on the Los Banos Chamber website

Comic Book Portrait

Comic book portrait This portrait was created of a lovely, local young lady.

Forever in Our Hearts Dog Portrait

"Forever in Our Hearts" Dog Portrait

This painting was created for a Christmas present in remembrance of two special pets. The painting was printed on canvas and framed.


Digitally painted heirloom tomato created for the Los Banos Tomato Festival logo and website, which we also created.



Remebering the Fallen

Remembering the Fallen Painting


This portrait was made of a local boy.

Magic Gallaxy

Galaxy - a fantasy style illustration


Daffodil painting

Daffodil - digital oils

Enzyme infographic

An infographic created to explain enzymes

Article graphic

"I hate math" graphic created to illustrate an article

Examples of cartoon style drawings:

Doodle girl

Doodle Girl



Math help sheet

Math help sheet - Jenn has created thousands of educational graphics over a period of fifteen years. Her work has helped children literally across the world learn a variety of subjects through appealing, colorful illustrations.

Visit our page that describes our educational artwork, materials and curriculum for more examples like this one.




Removeable Mural Artwork

As a team, we've created removeable mural / wall artwork for children's rooms. Artwork is drawn onto press board or another similar type of wood or wood product, cut out, painted and mounted to the wall. The pieces can be taken down to easily remodel a child's room without losing the artwork. We don't paint murals directly on a wall. We do the artwork in our home and bring it to you.

Girraffe mural


toucan mural


Kinkajou mural


frog mural


space mural

This 3-dimensional mural features some glow-in-the dark paint, a Star-Trek style spaceship with metallic paint, planet and galaxy background. The surrounding material hides a surrounding string of blue rope lights that shine through when switched on.


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