Tactical Intervention Specialists
2431 Suite "K" Peralta Street
Oakland, Ca. 94607
Company President Mike Miller

To Whom it may concern:

I prepare this letter with the greatest amount of appreciation possible for anyone I know. Its hard to put into words what Charles Guest has done for me and my business. Frankly before [Memorable Places Consulting], I had no business and just a dream of getting my business going. Soon after contacting Charles that would change.

About four years ago I hired Charles Guest to build a website for my new business. Before that date I had never met them and had no real idea of what building a website truly was or how to go about it. Charles walked me down every road I needed to go and many times paved the way making it easier on me than could have been expected. He advised me and guided me through all steps. Before I knew it my website was everywhere and my business was booming. All done through the internet with no additional monies being spent on advertising.

This lead to many additional doors being opened and many more oportunities coming my way. Since that day I have landed contracts with many agencies. These include the USMC, US Army, Candian Special Forces, Israel and many
state and local governemnt agencies. All of this is directly owed to the website and Charles' hard work.

Over the years Charles Guest and I have become friends and he has helped with my website/business many times. I value his input.

Anyone who hires [Memorable Places] would be lucky to have someone with such a good work ethic and vast knowledge level of computers and people.

I highly recommend [them]. Please contact me for any additional details.

Mike Miller
Tactical Intervention Specialists.