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The Awesome History Timeline Schedule

Mystery of HistoryLesson 1

Notebook page

Peril and Peace

p. 11-14 What was the ancient church?


The Picture History of Great Inventors

Hero of Alexandria 1st Century A.D.


Ben Hur
Ben Hur (preview)
From Amazon
26 A.D.

Horrible Histories: Gladiator School

Map Trek
Map Trek Ancient World
Map assignment: The Early Church

*I highly recommend these maps to add a geography component to your history studies. This particular set (Ancient World) should really be purchased for ancient history. However, if you have it on hand, you can use it for a few assignments from my schedule. I recommend buying the 6 e-book set so you have maps on hand to go from ancient to modern times.



Mystery of HistoryLesson 2

Notebook page

The Very First ChristiansThe Very First Christians (Picture book)

Otter’s rating 4 stars

Time Warp Trio: See You Later, Gladiator 120 A.D. (Discovery Streaming is one source for this movie.)

Otter’s rating: 5 stars

Mystery of HistoryLesson 4

Notebook page

Young Folk's History of EnglandChapter 2

The Romans in Britain 41-418 A.D.

BBC Nero
Otter’s rating for what he was allowed to see: 2 stars
(Preview for violence, etc. Some scenes may be unsuitable for your family like murder, kissing, etc.. There is a comment where they try to explain how the Romans felt about Nero acting and liken it to what it would be like if Queen Elizabeth II was a pole dancer.) I skipped over several portions when we watched it as they were not appropriate imo.

Nero (Netflix)


Mystery of History

Lesson 3

Notebook page

Beric the Briton
Beric the Briton
50 A.D.

Free for Kindle

*Note: I decided to save this book for when Otter is older. I started to read it but he just wasn’t getting it. The language is very old-fashioned.

A Gladiator's Story

BBC Colosseum: A Gladiator’s Story
or via Google video
Netflix streaming
Amazon streaming
*There is a brief mention of s*xual freedom for widows who appeared at the feast for the gladiators before the games
Otter’s rating 5 stars

60       Peril and Peacep. 15-24 Paul: A Servant of the True God
(59 A.D.)

Battle Field Britain
Battle Field Britain:
Bouddica’s Revolt (Youtube)
(approx. 60-61 A.D.)
Otter’s rating 5 stars
*The rape of Boudicca’s daughter’s is mentioned

Horrible Histories - Boudicca

Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis
Amazon Streaming
64 A.D.
Otter’s rating 5 stars (preview) There is some romance and minor sensual behavior, as well as some portions you may want to skip or be on hand for (violence, etc.). It’s not appropriate (imo) for younger students. It might be considered tame compared to modern movies though.


Mystery of HistoryLesson 5
Notebook page
Lesson 6
Notebook page


Trial and TriumphPolycarp 69-155

Peril and Peace

p. 25-27 Terrible trials and persecutions

p. 29-41 Polycarp: ground like wheat in the lion’s teeth (100 A.D.)


Storykeepers videos
Otter’s rating 4 stars

HORRIBLE HISTORIES - Christians vs Lions (post match interview)

For MOH lesson 5: Christian secret signs and symbols (pages 3-4 of the printout)
Otter’s rating 4 stars


MasadMasada: The Last Fortress
850 L
Otter’s rating 5 stars
(for the portion we did read)

*WARNING* There is some content (romance and violence) you may want to skip (edit on the fly like I did) or preview such as:
p. 43-44
"...heedless of propriety, conscience, reason, and loyalty, I stepped forward now and took her in my arms.
Like a startled dove, she struggled to escape. I brought her close, captured in my embrace, and waited as her first distress became acceptance, surprise, and then wonder. When I kissed her lips, her body, suddenly attentive, sensed mine, and responded to it. Soon my mind no longer listened or functioned. And all I could do was murmur, "Deborah. Deborah I love you.""

p. 69
“I will go with you,” he offered, “but nor for your reason. There are more than a few comely women among these prisoners. I should like to see them at their cooking pots. They might prove better companions in the night than the camp harlots I have had.”


Also, the end of the story features a mass suicide and murder.

I do not recommend this book for younger students. We ended up stopping at chapter 10. There were just too many areas I skipped over and didn’t feel were appropriate for my son.

Google preview

72 A.D.

Mystery of History

Lesson 7
Notebook page

          ACHOA: Architecture Chapter 7: Rome Was Not Built in a Day (Coliseum 70 AD)

MasadaMasada - The Complete Epic Mini-Series

Otter’s rating 0 stars
0 stars
(He was bored by it so we didn’t finish it. I liked it though.)

Masada images online


Pompeii by Peter Connolly
79 A.D.
(or any other Pompeii book)
Otter ended up reading this one:

TThrough Time: Pompeiihrough Time: Pompeii
Otter’s rating 5 stars

Volcanoes (Smithsonian)

(or any other volcano book)

The Pirates of Pompeii
Pirates of Pompeii 680 L

79 AD (approx)

Mystery of History

Lesson 8
Notebook page

Lesson 9
Notebook page

          ACHOA: Architecture Chapter 8: Trimmings (good opportunity to do some drawing based on the drawings in the book)

Rick Steve's Europe

Rick Steve’s Europe: Naples and Pompeii (Free on Hulu)
 Otter’s rating 5 stars

Pompeii The Last Day
Pompeii The Last Day
Amazon Streaming
Netflix streaming
(docudrama) Warning: may be upsetting to some and there is a reference to a slave “mistress”
Otter’s rating 5 stars

Mt. Vesuvius eruption in 1944 (old newsreel)
Otter’s rating 5 stars

Volcano lapbook
Otter’s rating 3 stars


Printable Exploding volcano printable (interactive result)
 Otter’s rating 2 stars

Pompeii Discovery Guide for kids (National Gallery of Art)

Virtual Tour of Pompeii

Would you Survive Pompeii? (online quiz)
Otter’s rating 2 stars

Virtual Volcano (Discovery - Interactive)
Otter’s rating 5 stars

You Are There: Pompeii


Roman Diary

Roman Diary: The Journal of Iliona of Mytilini: Captured and Sold as a Slave in Rome - AD 107



115                   Map Trek
Map Trek Ancient World
Map assignment: The Roman Empire c. 114 A.D.

Hostage LandsHostage Lands
(Hadrian’s Wall) 122 A.D. or so
Otter’s rating 5 stars
(for what we did read) – I think he would have rated it a lot lower if we had finished.

Note: This book’s main character has a bad attitude in general at the beginning of the book – He is critical of his teacher, mentions how he lies to his mom, hides what he finds from her and is irresponsible, etc…all parts I edited out on the fly. I got bored of it very quickly. I put it on the shelf and we didn’t finish. Then I put it in our donation pile. Oh well

History Channel My Favorite Place Hadrian’s Wall Otter’s rating 1 star


Hadrian’s Wall


BBC Caledonian’s in Scotland interactive Otter’s rating 1 star


GalenGalen and the Gateway to Medicine
129 AD
Otter’s rating 5 stars

Even though this series of books is well known (and liked) in the homeschool world, I personally think they are a little dry (although quite informative). Otter, however, loves them.

Galen: Doctor to the Gladiators (video)

Otter’s rating 5 stars

Mystery of HistoryLesson 10

Notebook page

NovaNova: Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land (Letters written by Bar-Kokhba were discovered in 1960.)

Netflix streaming

Mystery of HistoryLesson 11

Notebook page
155       Trial and Triumphp. 21-23
Blandina 155-177

Peril and Peacep. 43–52

Justin (165 A.D. Rome)
175       Peril and Peacep. 53-56 Worship in the ancient church              
200       Peril and Peacep. 57-69 Origen (201 A.D. Alexandria Egypt)              
245       Peril and Peacep. 71-86 Cyprian (248 A.D. Carthage, North Africa)              

Saint ValentineSaint Valentine
(a picture book)

Otter’s rating 5 stars

Mystery of HistoryLesson 12

Notebook page
                St. Valentine audio story

Mystery of HistoryLesson 13

Notebook page

Saint George and the DragonSaint George and the Dragon
AD1080 L

285 or so (not a true story, but based on a true person)

St. George and the Dragon Unit Study

St. George and the Dragon Coloring Page


Mystery of HistoryLesson 14

Notebook page

Trial and TriumphConstantine 272-337

Peril and Peace

p. 87-101 Constantine (312 A.D. Northern Italy)


ConstantineConstantine  part of this 6 part documentary (PREVIEW)

Otter’s rating 4 stars

Peril and Peace

p. 103-104

Early Creeds and Councils

Mystery of History

Lesson 15

Notebook page

The Story of the World

Chapter 5 The Medieval Indian Empire

AB: p. 38

Map work
            Ajanta Caves lapbook element  

Mystery of HistoryLesson 16

Notebook page


Time Warp Trio: Me Oh Maya (Discovery Streaming)
 Otter’s rating 5 stars

Nova: Cracking the Maya Code (free on HULU)
Or Netflix Streaming
Otter’s rating 5 stars
I was surprised Otter liked this documentary so much!

Lost King of the Maya
Lost King of the Maya (Netflix Streaming)

Otter’s rating 5 stars
Children's Guide to the Maya (National Gallery of Art) - has some activities, etc. Ancient American Civilizations interactive map

Trial and TriumphAthanasius 296-373

Peril and Peacep. 105-116 Athanasius (362 A.D. The Nile River, Upper Egypt)

365       Trial and TriumphAmbrose 339-397              


Mystery of HistoryLesson 17

Notebook page

Trial and TriumphMonica and Augustine 354-430

Peril and Peace

p. 117-131 The Great Cappadocians (370 A.D. Nicomedia, on the Black Sea)

p. 145-162 Augustine (371 A.D. Thagaste, North Africa)

p. 133-143 Ambrose (374 A.D. Milan)

Augustine of Hippo

Augustine of Hippo (Christian Biographies for Young Readers)
Preview here


Mystery of HistoryLesson 18

Notebook page

Peril and Peacep. 175-177 How did we get the Bible?

395                   Map Trek
Map Trek Ancient World
Map assignment: The Roman Empire Divided 395 A.D.

PatrickPatrick: Patron Saint of Ireland (a picture book) AD700 L
Otter’s rating 5 stars

Flame Over Tara
Flame Over Tara (St. Patrick)
Otter’s rating 3 stars

This book met the same fate it did with my big kids years ago – we shelved it and didn’t finish! I tried to like it, but it drags in places. I also think it would appeal to a girl more than a boy.

Mystery of HistoryLesson 19

Notebook page or lapbook booklet

Trial and TriumphPatrick 389-461

Peril and Peace

p. 191-203 Patrick (405 A.D. Britain)


Give Up Yer Aul Sins (cute little cartoon about the legend of St. Patrick)
Otter’s rating 5 stars


BBC Interactive Saint Patrick’s Journey
Otter’s rating 5 stars

St. Patrick audio story


Attila the HunAttila the Hun: Leader of the Barbarian Hordes (Wicked History) 930L
I got this from the library and while it looked to be a decent book, we moved on to other things instead of taking the time to read it. I decided we didn’t really need to spend THAT much time on a “bad guy”.

Famous Men of the Middle Ages:

Attila the Hun (free online)

Mystery of HistoryLesson 20

Notebook page

AttilaAttila (Preview – may not be appropriate for kids)

History Channel Decisive Battles Attila the Hun

BarbariansBarbarians: The Huns
Otter’s rating 3 stars
This series (Barbarians) has a lot of fighting type violence.

Barbarians: Goths

Barbarians: Primitive Celts

Barbarians: Vandals
Otter’s rating 3 stars


Mystery of HistoryLesson 21

Notebook page

The Story of the WorldChapter 1 The Glory that was Rome


The Dark Ages(Segment 1 of the Dark Ages )
The Dark Ages (Amazon)
The Sacking of Rome


Fall of the Roman Empire

Barbarian tribes that invaded the Roman Empire lapbook element


Map Trek
Map Trek Ancient World
Map assignment: Barbarian Invasions


The Story of the WorldChapter 11 The Kingdom of the Franks, Clovis (466-511)
AB: p. 67
Map work


Barbarians: The Franks
At 14:19 into the program there is a mention of “unbridled lust”. I’m not sure if it said anything else because we immediately skipped that part.
Otter’s rating 5 stars – He liked this one much better than the others in the series. It’s nice because it covers Clovis in the latter half of the program – further cementing what we read in SOTW. Preview for violence.

  The Frankish Kingdom

Black Horses for the King
Black Horses for the King
5th Century
1030 L

“Galwyn, son of a Roman Celt, escapes from his tyrannical uncle and joins Lord Artos, later know as King Arthur, using his talent with languages and way with horses to help secure and care for the Libyan horses that Artos hopes to use in battle against the Saxons.”

This book turned out to not be Otter’s style, so we moved on to the Arthur book below instead.

Arthur, High King of BritainArthur, High King of Britain
760 L
Otter’s rating 5 stars
(his favorite book of the year so far)
In chapter 3 it’s implied that Arthur slept with a woman he is not married to, but no details/description are given –just mostly in the context of her being gone in the morning and his regret, etc. It is portrayed in what I consider an age appropriate way. SPOILER:
Later in the book you find out that it was his half sister and he has a son by her: Mordred. Also, Lancelot sleeps with a woman who is not his wife and has a son by her (no graphic details). There is also the adultery between Lancelot and Guinevere (again, not graphic, but still a sensitive subject). You can see in the end how the adultery wrecked lives and an entire kingdom in the end. Gawain in chapter 6 kisses another man’s wife after being seduced by her, etc. There is also the word “damn” in chapter 6.
This version of the story is very readable and has good pacing. It does mix in magic and other elements of myth vs. history. The watercolor illustrations are nice. I don’t recommend it for young readers because of the adultery and adult themes that are true to the roots of the original stories.


Tales of King Arthur
Tales of King Arthur
950 L
This is also a very readable version of the story, although a little less poetic than the one above. Many of the same issues exist (Gawain kissing a married man’s wife, etc.) although to a lesser degree than the book above.

or any other King Arthur book

Mystery of History

Lesson 22
Notebook page

Lesson 23

Notebook page

The Story of the WorldChapter 3 Christianity Comes to Britain
Monks, etc.

AB: p. 27

Cooking: Monk’s supper
Garlic, celery, onion, olive oil, split peas, bay leaf, carrots, 2 cans of chicken broth, ham hock or bacon, 3 potatoes
Homemade bread
Sliced apples or pear
Sliced cheddar

Monks and Mysticsp. 11-14 What was the Medieval Church?        

Medieval LivesMedieval Lives: The Monk
Amazon Streaming
Otter’s rating 5 stars
Some irreverent comments made, illustrated bare bottom shown, Approx. 15 min in there is mention of gluttony not being the only sin (s*x) with cartoon drawings “kissing” etc. (we skipped that portion). This is a humorous program and some of the humor is slightly crude.

The Sword in the Stone
The Sword in the Stone
Amazon instant video

King Arthur: His Life and Legends (HULU)

In Search of Myths and Heroes
Michael Wood: In Search of Myths and Heroes: Arthur
Otter’s rating 2 stars
Netflix streaming

Camelot (Netflix Streaming)
Amazon Streaming
This is a really campy musical lol- We didn’t make it past 10 minutes.

History's Mysteries: The Knights of Camelot (Netflix Streaming)

Monty Python – Knights of the Round Table / Camelot song (just silly but fun!)
Otter’s rating 5 stars

A book about monks lapbook element

Prince Valient and the Outlaws audio story (streaming old record)

Homeschool in the Woods Project Passport History Series: The Middle Ages This product wasn't available to me when we were doing this study. I love Homeschool in the Wood products and higly recommend you check it out. You'll need to schedule the various actitivies according to when they fall on the timeline.


The Kitchen KnightThe Kitchen Knight: A Tale of King Arthur (A picture book)
Early 500’s

Otter’s rating 5 stars

The Feudal System Castles at War (Discovery Streaming)

Kaltenberg Knights Tournament (totally optional – We watched it so Otter could see what a joust looks like.)
Otter’s rating 4 stars

Knights Who Say Ni
(A little cultural humor J )
Otter’s rating 5 stars


Dress a Knight Game
Otter’s rating 3 stars

Castle printable


Who in the World was the Acrobatic Empress?Who in the World Was the Acrobatic Empress?: The Story of Theodora
Otter’s rating 5 stars
This is a very short, illustrated chapter book with large text. It’s rather easy (I believe it’s targeted to fairly young children), but is still a memorable way to learn about Theodora. Our library didn’t have it, so I had to order it. I think Otter will probably pick it up again to read in the future – making the purchase, for me, worth it.
*Note: This book really did help Otter retain the story about Theodora. Even months later, he remembers her and the Byzantine Empire.

Mystery of HistoryLesson 24

Notebook page

The Story of the WorldChapter 4 The Byzantine Empire
(You can save the last portion of this chapter- the Church in the East-  for 1054 –The Great Eastern Schism)

AB: p. 33
Map work

Monks and Mysticsp. 205-217 Benedict (529 A.D. Monte Cassino, Italy)       ACHOA: Architecture Chapter 10: Early Eastern Christians – Byzantine, Hagia Sophia

Engineering an Empire – The Byzantine Greeks
Otter’s rating 5 stars
(mentions Attila as r*ping and pillaging and Theodora’s s*x life briefly) The last fifth of the program covers things that happen in the late 900’s and beyond (Basil II) and then the fall of Constantinople.


History Channel:
The Dark Ages
(Hulu Streaming)
 At approx. 30:00 in the program there is a skippable scene that talks about Theodora and how she started out as a courtesan. This section uses the word raunchy and talks about s*x to entertain and so on.
We watched about half of this program.

Otter’s rating 5 stars

The Worst Jobs in History – The Dark Ages
Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
*Lord’s name is taken in vain, millions of years mentioned
Otter’s rating 5 stars


Hagia Sophia (short video of the inside)

Theodora artwork by Jeff West (print and color)

Constantinople lapbook element

Byzantine Empire copywork
530       Monks and Mysticsp. 219-222 Other early Christians              

Columba and all ThatColumba and All That

This is a fun series of books that are illustrated with black & white cartoon style drawings.

Mystery of HistoryLesson 25

Notebook page

Scottish bannocks recipe

565                   Map Trek
Map Trek Medieval World
Map assignment: Byzantine Empire 565 A.D.

Mystery of HistoryLesson 26

Notebook page
              Japanese garden craft  

Maples in the MistMaples in the Mist: Poems for Children from the Tang Dynasty Picture book with beautiful watercolor illustrations
Otter’s rating 4 stars

The Painted Wall

The Painted Wall and Other Strange Tales

Mystery of HistoryLesson 28

Notebook page

See 621 A.D. for a Chinese video – if you don’t mind watching it a little early in the timeline.

Go out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant (good excuse!) Otter’s rating 5 stars

Audio recording of a Tang Dynasty poem
Otter’s rating 3 stars


Mystery of HistoryLesson 27

Notebook page

Trial and Triumphp. 55
Pope Gregory I

Monks and Mysticsp. 15-30 Gregory the Great (593 Rome)

p. 31-33 How did the Pope get his name?

Young Folk's History of EnglandChapter 3

The Angle Children 597

Barbarians: The Saxons


Horrible Histories: Anglo Saxon Ordeals
Otter’s rating 5 stars


Augustine Came to KentAugustine Came to Kent (Living History Library) 597
Otter’s rating 2 stars - He said it was reallllly slow. I didn't make him finish it.


Medieval LivesMedieval Lives: The Peasant
Amazon Streaming
Otter’s rating 4 stars


The history of the pretzel and recipe
(scroll down to find)

 (As early as 610)

Mystery of HistoryLesson 29

Notebook page

Time Warp Trio: Wushu Were Here 621 A.D. (Discovery Streaming or Youtube)

Otter’s rating 5 stars


Muhammad (This is a beautiful book that teaches about Muhammad’s life and the beginnings of Islam. Everything is presented as fact, so if you are not a Muslim, you will want to take that into account before checking this book out.)

Mystery of HistoryLesson 30

Notebook page

The Story of the WorldChapter 6 The Rise of Islam

AB: p. 42
 Map work

AB: p. 46
 Map work
Monks and Mysticsp. 63-64 What is Islam?        

IslamIslam: Empire of Faith (PBS) preview

Map Trek
Map Trek Medieval World
Map assignment: Islamic Empire

The Story of the WorldChapter 2 The Early Days of Britain, Celts

AB: p. 23

Map work
          BarbariansBarbarians: The Celts Things from early Britain lapbook element

Scots and Picts Interactive


Medieval Lives
Medieval Lives: The Damsel
Amazon Streaming


Caedmon's SongCaedmon's Song (Picture book)
7th century
Google preview

Otter’s rating 5 stars

Caedmon’s Hymn read aloud in Old English

Otter’s rating 2 stars

Empress of China Wu Ze Tian

Empress of China, Wu Ze Tian

Mystery of HistoryLesson 31

Notebook page

BeowulfBeowulf (or any other kid’s version of the story)
NC1180 L
Otter’s rating: 5 stars
*violence and alcohol consumption, and a pictures on pages 43 and 53 show green, scaly breasts on the monster Grendel’s mother. Surprisingly, this book has a lot of Christianity in it. J Overall it is a wonderfully illustrated retelling of Beowulf we both enjoyed.

The Silk Route
The Silk Route: 7,000 Miles of History
618-906 A.D.
(Picture book – I liked it because it showed the different stops along the way instead of some amorphous “route”.)
Otter’s rating: 3 stars

Mystery of HistoryLesson 32

Notebook page

Beowulf & the Anglo Saxons (We only watched it long enough to hear a part of Beowulf read in Old English at the beginning of the program.)

Anglo Saxon Times
Boooring! We stopped watching after just a little bit.

Bombadier beetle defies evolution video (watch after reading about the possibility of fire breathing dragons in MOH lesson 32)
Otter’s rating: 5 stars


Beowulf and Grendel
Beowulf and Grendel
Not for kids – rated R

Beowulf (Amazon Streaming) PG-13


Mystery of HistoryLesson 33

Notebook page

The Story of the WorldChapter 12 The Islamic Invasion (711)

AB: p. 71
Map work

Cooking: Moorish Recipes

2 c. chicken broth, roasted chicken cut up, Italian stewed tomatoes, 1 box rice-a-roni, butter, pita bread, grape juice

Suggestion: While reading MOH lesson 33, look up all the different places mentioned in the text on Google Earth. These are the places we looked up:
Rock of Gibraltar (check the 3-d box to really see it!),
Strait of Gibraltar, (which we measured the distance of),
Pyrenees Mountains, and
The Great Mosque of Cordova –This is listed as La Mezquita de Cordoba via Google Earth (Check out the NEAT interactive panorama of the inside!)
Otter’s rating 5 stars


Mystery of HistoryLesson 34

Notebook page

Trial and Triumphp. 61-64


Monks and Mysticsp. 35-48 Boniface 722 – A road in Hesse near the River Rhine


Christmas tree craft

(or any other Christmas tree craft)

Mystery of HistoryLesson 35

Notebook page

(Started in 726)

Mystery of HistoryLesson 36

Notebook page

The Story of the WorldChapter 13 (part 1) Charles the Hammer


Our Little Frankish CousinOur Little Frankish Cousin of Long Ago
by Evaleen Stein
A boy at the court of Charlemagne
Late 700’s or so

Otter’s rating: 5 stars

*In chapter one a horoscope is mentioned. In chapter 5 – magic and spells are mentioned.

Mystery of HistoryLesson 37

Notebook page

The Story of the WorldChapter 13 (part 2) Charlemagne
AB: p. 77

AB: p. 77
 Map work

Trial and TriumphCharlemagne 742-814

Monks and Mystics

p. 49-62 Charlemagne 799 Rome

      ACHOA: Architecture Chapter 11: Lights in the Dark (Charlemagne)

Medieval helpdesk (just a silly video)
Otter’s rating: 5 stars

Map Trek
Map Trek Medieval World
Map assignment: The Empire of Charlemagne
The Frankish Kingdom interactive map

Arabian NightsTenggren's Golden Tales from the Arabian Nights Library
(or any other Arabian Nights book)
Otter’s rating: 5 stars

Here's a free book online you can use for Arabian Nights.

Mystery of HistoryLesson 38

Notebook page

Medieval LivesMedieval Lives: The Minstrel

Amazon Streaming

Norse MythsD'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths
Otter’s rating 5 stars

The Story of Rolf
The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow
Free at Google Books
Free at the Baldwin Project


Our Little Viking Cousin of Long Ago (free online)

Mystery of HistoryLesson 39
Notebook page

Lesson 40
Notebook page

*Note: If you want to combine your Viking studies with the lesson on Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky, you can save this section (all columns) of Viking studies for 985.

The Story of the WorldChapter 14 The Arrival of the Norsemen
 (part 1)



Time Warp Trio: Viking it and Liking It (Discovery Streaming)

Cities of the Underworld: Viking Underground (Free on Hulu)

BarbariansBarbarians – the Vikings

The VikingsThe Vikings (Netflix)
Amazon Streaming

Nova: The Vikings

Horrible Histories - Literally: The Viking Song

Otter’s rating 5 stars

Horrible Histories - Viking Poetry

Otter’s rating 5 stars

Map Trek
Map Trek Medieval World
Map assignment: Viking Expansion

Interactive Vikings (fun!)

BBC Vikings (reading, game, etc.)

Invasions of Europe interactive map

Horrible Histories Audio : Vicious Vikings : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Horrible Histories Magazine: Vikings


House of Wessex



    ACHOA: Sculpture Chapter 12: Stories in Stones (iconoclasts, gargoyles, etc.)

The Secret of Kells
Amazon Streaming
Otter’s rating 5 stars

You can watch this here (about the time the book of Kells was actually made), or at 1000, when I've scheduled the book: Our Little Celtic Cousin (that's when we watched it).
This movie has a lot of fantasy in it, but we really enjoyed it. Afterwards, look up some real pictures from the Book of Kells via Google.


5 February
855         Æthelbald


Mystery of HistoryLesson 41

  Monks and Mysticsp. 65-79 Constantine and Methodius (860, the shores of Constantinople) Æthelberht

21 December

Use Google Earth or a globe and locate the countries mentioned on p. 228 of MOH.

Copy the Cyrillic alphabet and file it in your history notebook.

Otter’s rating 3 stars

Our Little Saxon CousinOur Little Saxon Cousin of Long Ago

Free online
Otter’s rating 5 stars

In the Days of Alfred the Great

In The Days of King Alfred the Great Free online
Otter’s rating 5 stars

*In the chapter titled "After the Massacre", there is some violence, especially in the 2nd paragraph starting on what would be p. 146. I recommend skipping the last sentence. This book starts out kind of slow but gets better as it goes along. It is old fashioned though!

Both of the books above are based on true events (from what my small amount of research online seems to show) and people, including Turgar, the Saxon boy.

 The latter book seems to be the most accurate but the first is a bit more child-friendly.

Mystery of HistoryLesson 42

The Story of the WorldChapter 15 (parts 1 and 2)
The Vikings invade England

Alfred the Great

AB: p. 88
Cooking: Alfred Cakes
Flour, sugar, baking powder, nutmeg, butter, raisins or currants, 1 egg, heavy whipping cream, orange juice


Young Folk's History of EnglandChapter 4
The Northmen



Alfred the Great

24 April


Monarchy Episode 1 A Nation State
Netflix streaming
Otter’s rating 1 star

Michael Wood’s In Search of Alfred the Great
Otter’s rating 1 star(I agree- it's pretty boring.)

Horrible Histories The Viking Report
Otter’s rating 5 stars

Horrible Histories: Viking Feud Big Fight Special
Otter’s rating 5 stars

Rick Steve's Norway HULU (to see the land the Norsemen came from)

For chapter 1 of the Days of King Alfred the Great:
Otter’s rating: good for helping him understand the text better

Millstone video

For chapter 2:
 a bee swarm 
another bee swarm


Otter’s rating for the items below: good for helping him understand the text better


Map of Saxon England (use if reading In the Days of Alfred the Great) - Color for notebook

For the chapter entitled "The White Horse of Ashdown" in The Days of Alfred the Great: White horse of Uffington picture

Alfred the Great statue

Notice the tunic he is wearing and the strips wound around his legs
874   Mystery of HistoryLesson 43            

Man vs. WildMan vs. Wild Iceland (Season 1)
Otter’s rating 5 stars
Netflix (streaming)

Man vs. Wild Iceland Fire and Ice
Amazon Streaming


Reykjavik, Iceland


Mystery of HistoryLesson 44

Lesson 45

The Story of the WorldChapter 10 The Bottom of the World

AB: p. 62
Cooking: Moth Mix
Online recipe I want to use instead of SOTW
Popcorn, 3 cups peanuts, brown sugar, dark corn syrup, butter, vanilla, soda


Edward the Elder

27 October
925   Mystery of HistoryLesson 46                

Good King Wenceslas song
Otter’s rating 3 stars

935   Mystery of HistoryLesson 47                

Holy Roman Empire map

Otter’s rating 2 stars

The Little DukeThe Little Duke by Charlotte M. Yonge “An inspiring story of Richard the Fearless (943-996) who became Duke of Normandy at the age of 8. Relates the perils of his childhood, both at home in Normandy and during his captivity at the court of France, and how at long last he came to embrace the values his father espoused.”

Free Online
Otter’s rating 5 stars

He really liked this book. He said it had a lot of adventure.

Edmund the Magnificent

28 October

Medieval LivesMedieval Lives: The Philosopher

Amazon Streaming

Normandy map

For Chapter 2 of The Little Duke: Distaff
Flax thread

For chapter 3:
Te Deum

We did all of the above in this section, but there is no rating...the items just helped Otter better understand what was read.
945         Eadred

27 May
950                   Map Trek
Map Trek Medieval World
Map assignment: The Holy Roman Empire 950-1300
955   Mystery of HistoryLesson 48

The Story of the WorldChapter 23 part 1 The Rus Come to Constantinople

AB: p. 129
Map work

Cooking: Borscht and Bread
Beef bouillon, 4 beets, 2 carrots, 2 onions, 4 potatoes, cabbage, parsley, tomato paste, lemon juice, sour cream, dill

Activity: Russian Batik Design
Beet juice water
Paraffin wax

White fabric
Monks and Mysticsp. 81-93 Vladimir 968, Kiev, in the land of Rus (Russia) Eadwig

24 November

This song helped Otter remember the name Constantinople for his narration of today's history lesson:
They Might Be Giants Istanbul Not Constantin-ople
Otter’s rating 5 stars


Mystery of HistoryLesson 49

    Edgar the Peaceable

2 October
975   Mystery of HistoryLesson 50     Saint Edward the Martyr

9 July

WEthelredho in the World Was the Unready King?: The Story of Ethelred
Otter’s rating 5 stars
(was 3 stars after he read it himself and he changed it to 5 after I read it out loud)


Æthelred the Unready

19 March

MonarchyMonarchy Episode 2
Aengla Land
Netflix streaming

  A map of Southern England during Ethelred's reign

Mystery of HistoryLesson 51

The Story of the WorldChapter 14 part 2

AB: p. 82

Map work

Vikings: Journey to New Worlds (IMAX)
Free at HULU
Otter’s rating 5 stars

Erick the Red Character report

Viking map (color and file in notebook)

Viking Printables
Otter made the Viking paper doll family
*Yes, my homeschooled boy doesn't "know" that paper dolls aren't cool ;-)
Otter’s rating 5 stars


*Note: We’ve already studied the Vikings in depth in previous years. If you haven’t, you may want to add in some books or a free lapbook.

SOTW copywork

BBC Viking Quest online game

Viking Farm Virtual Tour


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