Memorable Places - Forest Products

Memorable Places - Forest Products is a boutique company that specializes in forest related products. We pride ourselves in maintaining impeccably clean and constantly maintained properties which complement the landscape and maintain as fire-safe and wildlife-friendly environment as we know how to do.

Memorable Places Forest Products is a small company that was started in 2016 in the Inland Northwest.

We are proud of the amount of time and effort we put into maintaining community and wildlife-friendly properties that look as good as a well-maintained national park while still yielding very high-quality products and materials.

MP-FP maintains a well-mixed diversity of tree species as well as a mix of as much naturally-occurring flora and fauna as each property can reasonably support.

We are constantly thinning and cleaning our forest properties and are actively planting new trees for eventual use.  We maintain an on-site greenhouse which actively promotes the rapid development
of saplings into decent-sized plantable trees and gives us year-round control of the environment which these baby trees are growing.

We are also very wildlife conscious.  Our properties boast visits from all manner of creatures, great and small, from moose to mice – we see it all in the Memorable Places forests.  We have a very large number of birds that return year after year to our properties and raise their young, fly south and return with their babies the following year to do the entire cycle all over again.  We also have observed many other creatures - from rubber boas to coyotes, to the occasional ermine – not to mention common ones like chattering tree-squirrels, curious chipmunks, and birds of all kinds.  From Bald eagles, to Tanagers and from grouse to geese we have had many winged visitors.

We frequently see large game on our properties and we proactively design our operation to be able to immediately move to another location on the property or even shut down operations for a few weeks if it appears that we will be disturbing, to any serious extent, the animals that call our property their home. 

We are also very proud of the sheer numbers of differing species of flora on our properties. We are still cataloguing all of the many species that live in our forests, but there are dozens of species of plants, flowers, weeds, and trees on our land.

ALL Guest Hollow Properties are CLOSED to the Public and un-approved visitors.

We have well marked and well-signed property lines and trails that announce that our forests are private property and that trespassing is prohibited and will be prosecuted. We also clearly ‘orange-stake’ all property boundaries well beyond what the law requires. We maintain all areas of the properties as ‘closed to the public’ and all Memorable Places lands are completely off-limits to everyone except for our staff and approved guests. This allows the wildlife to thrive unmolested on the Memorable Places properties as well as keeping everyone safe. There are no exceptions to this rule. We do not allow others to hunt on our properties.

Thinning, Maintaining, and Clearing

Yes – even in an eco-friendly environment, trees need to be cut, and brush needs to be maintained at reasonable levels. One of the most critical goals for the Memorable Places company to attain is to have an extremely well-maintained forest. This means that not only do we want to promote the growth of the many species of trees on our properties, but we also wish to have the entire ecosystem thrive. 

This is done by year-round maintenance of the properties with an eye toward proper thinning of the forest, maintaining the trees in accordance with what we understand to be best fire-safety practices, and clearing of much of the debris and other accumulations from our forest floors.

The photo on the left shows but one of many dozens of loads of forest debris that we took to a local dumpsite before we were able to secure a chipper/shredder to turn this valuable resource into mulch.

It is our intention to NEVER clear-cut our forest properties.  Even when it is finally time to harvest or thin the larger trees on our properties, we will do so with an eye toward good forest stewardship and maintaining a beautiful environment and well balanced ecosystem.  In fact, we have identified quite a number of ‘grandfather trees’ that will never be cut.  Either because they are too old and big or because doing so would ruin the eye-appeal of the properties they are on.  In addition, there are some that are maintained specifically for birds and wildlife needs.

At Memorable Places we believe in a meticulously maintained forest property that is reminiscent of a well-maintained National Park setting. We do this through ongoing and very proactive thinning and cleaning of our forest properties.  In this way we not only mitigate fire danger, but we also keep the land absolutely beautiful.